Uri Geller

Inspirational Motivational Speaker

The Next Uri Geller

Uri’s latest groundbreaking live TV show, The Next Uri Geller, also known as The Successor, has swept throughout the world within the past 3 years, including NBC primetime USA (titled “Phenomenon”), Canada, the whole of Latin America (including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru & Venezuela), Australia, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey Russia and Greece, with multiple seasons in many countries, making the series one of the most successful international live TV shows of all time.

The show is due to reach many other countries for 2011 & 2012, including France, Sweden, India & China.

The highest rated series in Israel TV history!

Market share 82% above the nation’s average in the Netherlands.

Prosebien’s highest rated TV show in Germany in one and a half years.

Increased the USA NBC Primetime TV slot by 72%

The first live entertainment TV show ever in Russia, and the Netherlands!