Words cannot express the difference attending

Words cannot express the difference attending one of your shows at Fareham in 2006 made to me.  

That same year, I found the courage to move on from a very bad marriage, and despite the sacrifices, at 50 took myself off, firstly to college and then to university to study for a double  BA (Hons) in English Lit & Screenwriting.  At 54 In my final year now.  I am clearer about my journey, and altough I struggle sometimes, I visit your site and I am  back on track.  Please do another tour.or run some workshops.  

People need the one to one with you.  They need your honesty and to experience the purity of love.

I just wanted to say thank you just for being there and teaching me that I am worthy of me.

Thank you. 🙂 xxx