Thank you for your seminar in Nagoya Japan.

Thank you for your seminar in Nagoya Japan. I live in Nagano. It’s about 200km from Nagoya.
You said to the people at your seminar that you believe that 11 11 is a special number.
So I am sending you an Email about the events that occurred to me after your seminar.
I teach children piano using the Dalcroze method and one of my students recently took the second place in the all Japan competition.
An article was written about him in the local news paper.
This article was in the November eleventh newspaper , also he is eleven years old.
….same evening at eleven o’clock, I received a phone call from my piano teacher regarding the piece he will play next year at the all Japan prize winners concert.
She told me he should play was Chopin : Polonaise No.11.
It sent a shiver down my spine .It was the first time this has ever happend to me.

I will never forget it.
Thank you very much.