Amazing show yesterday afternoon!!

Hello Uri!

Amazing show yesterday afternoon!!

Amazing to see the man-lifting, spoons, watches, etc, but also what you had to say in between it! The best show i `ve been to for a very very long time!

I dont know if you remember me, but i were the guy you pointed at, and asked if i were thinking yellow, when the girl wrote green at the paper behind you. I didnt, and i wondered, what was that? Cause i were actually concentrating hard og green=D But then i remembered!! Before the girl (cecilie) wrote anything, i was thinking: I think she will write yellow, i think she will write yellow…. but, she didnt. So, maybe THAT was what you saw from my side? Spooky :-p

The seed was amazing too, my girlfriend were the one in the purple at the stage, and none of us have seen a seed grow that fast before, live!

You are a very encouraging and inspiring person with a good underlaying message behind everything you do! Keep up the good work, and thanx for yesterday!