A warm hug

Dear Uri Geller,

I need so send you this message to thank you so very ,very much for your fantastic lecture and show earlier today and also for giving me your special drawing with E=mc2 and your signature.
I’m so very ,very happy for it because i strongly know that it,s throug ,that everything is energy. I will put your drawing together with the interview you have in the Visjon Magasin an put it on a wall in a frame ,so i can see ,feel and always remenber you and your strong enegy and E=mc2.

I have also now written in a special “goal book ” my wish ,hope and goal for my future right now before i write to you to say many , many millions thanks for being so lucky to participate your fantastic show on the alternative trade and for giving me strong energy and positive inspiration . You showed to all of us that everything ,everything is possible with the use of the mind and thoughts.
I,m so happy now.

Thank you,you are a wonderful person and also an angel on the earth.

A warm hug and all the best to you